Break-Out Drill Pipe Safely, Quickly and Easily with Innovative Tools from Scorpion Oil Tools

Published: 16th May 2011
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Breaking-Out Pipe is a dangerous task that can take hours for oil rig workers to safely and correctly complete. Utilizing manual tongs has been the route that many companies have chosen to go, but Scorpion Oil Tools offers a safer, faster & easier way for workers to break out stuck drill pipes.

The dangers of manually breaking out drill pipe are numerous as workers risk being struck by swinging tongs & pipe, as well as the possibility of pinching fingers, body parts, possible muscle strain from improper lifting and various other bodily injuries. Workers may also slip, trip and fall while attempting to break-out pipe resulting in serious injuries and millions of dollars in workers compensation costs. With much of a drilling rigs budget dedicated to workers compensation costs and downtime for manual break out procedures costing rigs thousands of dollars per day, you cannot afford to not have Scorpion Oil Tools on your operation.

In a matter of minutes, Scorpionís easy to operate break-out tongs eliminate much of the risk, danger and cost involved in the traditional break-out methods. Compact, lightweight and portable, Scorpion Oils Tools are designed to be used in a variety of situations and applications. Customizable for a variety of industries such as oil drilling, well drilling, mining, geophysical and more, you will not find any other tools available that compare to Scorpion.

Usable in areas of limited space, vertical or horizontal, Scorpion Oil Tools can be powered by an external source such as the rigs hydraulic system, or they can be completely self contained using a built in power source. With no extra back-up or lifting equipment necessary, Scorpion Tongs can change from break-out to make-up mode and handle a wide diameter range within the same set up.

The Scorpion Solution

When it comes to peace of mind on your rig, there is no better choice than Scorpion Oil Tools.

With reducing downtimes and improving your bottom line, Scorpion Tongs allow workers to spend less time breaking out pipes, decreasing your day rate. As the shutting down of all rig operations is typically required to break out a stuck pipe, every hour spent manually breaking out a pipe results in a significant loss.

With a wide range of products customizable for your unique operation, Scorpion Oil Tools is dedicated to improving safety conditions on rigs, decreasing workers compensation costs and speeding up the process of break-out make-up applications.

For over 25 years, Scorpion Oil Tools has proudly manufactured break-out/make-up tongs for the drilling industries including oil & gas, mining, water wells, construction, directional drilling and refineries. With over 20 models to choose from, all tongs manufactured by Scorpion are made in the U.S.A.

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